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Elf Bar Dublin - ELFBAR Disposable Vape New EP8000 Puffs 8X24RJ360 Cherry Peach Lemonade

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ELFBAR's new product, EP8000, was launched in the Middle East in early 2024. This model is a significant upgrade to the previous BC10000 model, which was introduced in November 2023. The key feature of EP8000 is its ability to provide 8000 puffs without requiring a recharge. This is made possible by a powerful 1500mAh battery that can fully support the usage of 8000 puffs.

With each puff, a vibrant 6-color RGB light glows on the side. This also serves as an indicator displaying the e-liquid and battery levels through the lights.

The QUAQ MESH, the driving technology behind ELFBAR's most-loved products, is skillfully encapsulated within the EP8000 to guarantee a consistently satisfying taste experience.

Revolutionary Design, Effortless Experience

EP8000 ingeniously combines 8000 puffs with cordless convenience, eliminating the need for chargers. With a 1500mAh battery, it allows you to enjoy every puff at your convenience.

Radiant Puffs, Status in Check

With every puff, the 6-color RGB lights on the side put on a shimmering show that indicates the e-liquid and battery status of the device. Stay in the know with the green, blue, or red signals.

QUAQ MESH for Ultimate Taste Assurance

QUAQ MESH, the most advanced mesh coil solution to date, ensures that all 20 flavors of EP8000 are delivered in their purest state. From refreshing fruit aromas to rich candy notes, each flavor is faithfully restored, delivering an authentic taste with every draw.

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